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Reviews of 'Waves', a new collection of 9 songs released in April 2022.

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"The album opener, ‘I Believe In You’, is a beautifully-crafted, gentle indie-rock cut that ends with a heart-warming harmonica solo and sets the tone for the album, both musically and lyrically. The album’s warm and soft melodies are complemented by lyrics that address topics such as isolation, connection and hope... ‘Waves’ is the type of album that is a great fit to accompany moments of reflection and introspection."  (Click icon for full review)


"Soft, supple, and organic, Adam Greenall’s ‘Waves’ is a raw and endearing piece of stripped down indie folk music. Relying on simple acoustic melodies and mellow vocal harmonies, the record puts you in a state of complete and utter bliss." (Click icon for full review)


"No words are lost and no sounds are wasted, that’s Waves in a nutshell. The Norwich artist fills his music with meaningful lyrics and mesmerizing melodies." (Click icon for full review)

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